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Out of stock

Man Cave Item-Beer Only Please

You need style when you invite your friends inside the man cave. It's like the bat cave. Invitation only. Unlike the bat cave though you can party as much as you want.

Get the party started by bringing out the beers in style in this Buffalo 6-packer!!


Product Specifications:

  • Drinks not included. Get your own
  • The 6 Packer is a laser cut.
  •  It’s constructed from of 3/16″ thick laser cut ply wood and assembled with 4-40 1/2″ screws and nuts.  T
  • The holes are designed to hold a wide variety of bottles, so long neck or fatty, so it won’t matter what you drink.  
  • The 6 Packer ships unassembled, which is good, since being a man means building stuff.  



 Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.