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like the robot it is, this night light will respond to all your commands!

Featuring both a sound & touch activation mode this robot night light will make your every night life so much easier!

It will turn off during the day and turn on once light fades away but that's not all.

Using sound activation just clap your hands and it will turn on, 120 seconds later if no other sound is heard it will turn off by itself!

No, it will not serve you breakfast in the morning.

Light Control Switch: Light on automatically at night,light off automatically at day.

Light off after 120 secs 

Two light color: White & Yellow Led Light's


Product Specifications:


  • Low Power Consumption
  • Long Operating Life
  • Size (Inches) L6.3"*W3.35"*H7.68"
  • Two light color: White & Yellow Led Light's

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